Saturday, October 18, 2008


When I was 10 years old, I learned how to be an excellent student from my favourite game. I like to play lego because it makes me feel happy and there from my ambition to be an architect when I grew up. From my game I can practice doing things such as I know how to solve a problem. At first, I feel angry because what I built from my lego can not make a shape like car, building, dinosaur and so on. I always give up of what I built with my game. Then my brother comes teaches me how to make shape, and he always gives me some advice that as a student we can not easily give up of what we have done. We must strive and struggle if we want to be an excellent student. From that time, I intent to be a successful student like my brother and do not easily give up. After that, I successfully built many shape from my lego. From this experience, I learned the importance skill how to create something ang be a creative person.

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